Bolte Bridge Melbourne

The iconic Bolte Bridge spans the Yarra River and is located approximately 2km to the west of the Melbourne CBD. Forming a critical part of the city's road transport infrastructure, the Bolte Bridge could be considered the junction for the Westgate Freeway to the west, Tullamarine Freeway to the northwest & international airport and lastly the Monash Freeway to the southeast.

I had been planning to shoot the city skyline at night for some time and had scoped out some potential locations around Melbourne's CBD using Google Earth and Google Maps. On this night my son and I were fortunate to have clear skies and mild temperatures (for an Australian summer) and good timing.

Camera was a Canon 6D with Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 mounted on a tripod and using a cable release. Settings were ISO100, f14, 55mm and exposure of 2 seconds. Processing includes the usual contrast, brightness, noise reduction etc. normally done in Lightroom and some additional work in Photoshop to remove some unwanted distractions.