Shades of Twilight – Bairnsdale

Shades of Twilight was as the name suggests, taken after sunset while on a train trip to Bairnsdale, Victoria located about 280km east of Melbourne. Why a train trip you might ask. When I was a kid I traveled a number of times by train from Penrith NSW to Mudgee in the Central West of NSW to visit my friend and spend some time on their farm. The train line wound through the Blue Mountains often following a route that took its passengers to views not normally seen from the highway. As an adult I was hoping to relive some of that magic and see the sights between Melbourne and Bairnsdale from the perspective of a train. Regrettably while the journey was comfortable and had some points of interest, it didn't quite live up to expectations. Photography from a moving train was also out of the question as the train moved around more than one might expect.

While in Bairnsdale we stayed at the Bayview Boathouse which promotes itself as "Situated on the shores of the world famous Gippsland Lakes. Bayview Boathouse also offers its very own natural thermal springs flowing at a constant temperature of 42°C bringing enormous joy and relaxation to our guests.

Did we enjoy our stay, you bet. We were only there for a couple of nights and I was lucky enough to capture this image amongst a few others. For those travelling to Bairnsdale to see the sights, you may also wish to take some time to see the inside of the beautiful St Marys Catholic Church.

The image achieved 1st Place B Grade in our clubs monthly competition.