When it comes to tutorials, there's plenty of great material to be found on the internet so I'm simply going to point readers to what I consider the best and only elaborate where I think I can add real value.

Astrophotography – Ian Norman

If you are interested in trying your hand at astrophotography, then I thoroughly recommend Ian's tutorials. You can visit his website or go to his YouTube channel.

Lightroom 6/CC & Photoshop for Photographers – Anthony Morganti

If you're interested in learning Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom and a range of other photography related software, I've found Anthony easy to listen to and very easy to follow. You can visit his website or go to his YouTube channel or jump straight to either his related playlists:
- Lightroom
- Photoshop

Photoshop – Phlearn

Aaron Nace has created over 600 videos & tutorials focused on "how to" with Photoshop. You can visit the Phlearn website or go to the Phlearn YouTube channel.

Portraiture – Joe Edelman

Product / Still Life Lighting on a Budget – Karl Taylor

This video focuses on a simple lighting solution using lights most of us would have around the home and tries to dispel the myth that you need expensive studio lighting to achieve great results. It was our photography club's monthly competition on the subject of Still Life that spurred me to find this. I stumbled onto Karl's videos while searching for educational tutorials on photography and he has a number of very well explained and not too technical videos on a range of topics. It will soon become apparent that Karl is also in the business of making money from selling educational videos and resources but there is quite a lot of freely available material.