A Drop in Time

A Drop in Time was one of my first competition entries and seemed to be quite well received. It was at a time when some amazing water drop photos where making the rounds on the internet and wanting to see what I could come up with, I watched some YouTube videos on techniques. It soon became apparent that in order to achieve the kind of results I'd been seeing on the net, that some special equipment was required. Photographers love gear right......well not that much as I wasn't going to get terribly obsessed with this project, so I settled on what I could cobble together on a budget.

This turned out to be a baking pan with a sheet of black plastic in the bottom, a couple of pieces of timber I had lying around to hold up the burette I'd managed to scavenge, a piece of white foam core, a couple of cheap clamps, some food colouring, flash, camera, tripod and remote shutter release and a healthy dose of patience. Turns out capturing a split second event is harder than you might imagine, but persistence gave me a few images I deemed keepers.

This image achieved:

  • 1st Place C Grade in our clubs monthly competition
  •  Image of the Year C Grade 2013
  • Highly Commended in the Small Prints section of the Pakenham/Berwick/Frankston Tri-Club Competition 2014.
  • Commended in the Mornington Peninsula Camera Club Novice Small Print Inter-Club Competition 2014