South Cape Bay – Tasmania

South Cape Bay is the southern most place that people can reasonably get to in Australia. From Hobart you need to travel south, following the roads to Southport before turning off at Hastings Cave Rd which turns into Lune River Rd and following that to the very end at Cockle Creek, 4WD not required.

Now that the driving is over, you have an 8km walk (16km round trip) to South Cape Bay via a well maintained track and boarded walk. The grade is easy and the worst you're likely to encounter are flies and mosquitoes and the odd Blue Ant which is in fact a wingless wasp. The little buggers have a mean sting so best keep and eye out and steer clear. There are no facilities at all once you leave Cockle Creek and even at Cockle Creek there are camping areas and toilets but not much else so bring lunch and refreshments, water for the hike and so on. Mobile phone coverage is sketchy at best in Cockle Creek and non existent once you start the hike.

The final image you see above is actually 10 portrait images stitched together in Photoshop after initial adjustments for colour, brightness, contrast etc. in Lightroom.