Storm over Pakenham

Storm over Pakenham was taken during a particularly fierce storm just South West of Pakenham in Victoria, Australia back in November 2011. As the storm got closer I could hear it getting louder and louder and the green cast made me think there was more than just rain on the way. By the time I'd climbed down from my vantage point it sounded like the roar of a huge waterfall. Seconds after getting undercover the rain and hail hit in a huge downpour that made any further photography impossible.

The final panorama is composed of around 10 individual portrait oriented photos taken hand held with about 30-50% overlap. Regrettably back when I took these photos I hadn't learned about the world of RAW photography so alas it was difficult to bring out the best in them.

You can also click here to view an interactive 360° panorama.